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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 17, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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the worst week in washington. any guesses? good day, i'm chris jansing in new york for andrea mitchell. no security breach, but a very scarey situation unfolding just outside the pentagon early this morning. we're now learning more about the man arrested with what's being described as a suspicious subtabs in his backpack. we go live to the pentagon. mick, what do we know about this? >> well, we know that the suspect is a 22-year-old marine corp. reservist who's of ethiopian desent. now according to officials that have laid out the scenario, he was spotted by police from fort meyer at about 1:00 a.m. this morning walking the grounds of arlington national cemetery, which of course is closed at that hour. he was approach bid the fort meyer police. he fled. was eventually taken into custody.
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under questioning from park police totally uncooperative which raised suspicions. within his backpack were several pacts of substance labeled ammonium nitrate which can be used in explosives. testing indicated it was not ammonium nitrate. there were also notebooks with some notations mentioning al qaeda and taliban. again, there's no indication from any officials we're talking to this melaku has any formal ties to any terrorist organization. at the same time they tracked down his auto, they sent out a bomb squad with reports of a suspicious device in the car. then again that didn't pan out. so right now he's in park police custody. they're trying to figure out exactly what he was up to when he was taken into custody early this morning. >> one thing we do know is he caused a big traffic jam. thanks for that update. >> okay, chris. to the white house now, where the vice president says
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budget negoiators are getting closer to a deal on deficit reduction trying to hone in on some $4 trillion in potential spending cuts. kristen welker is live for us at the white house. kristen, a republican john kyle said the goal is a deal by july 1st. does that seem doable? >> reporter: the answer is it's really not clear at this point. the one thing that all sides seem to agree on is chris, is think do want to get a deal done as quickly as possible. one white house official said they don't want to set a deadline for this. they just want to see a deal get done. vpd biden emerged from those budget talks yesterday pretty optimistically saying they had done a serious scrub of the budget. had identified some savings in farm subsidies and federal pensions. it's those big ticket items that really remain. democrats have said they would like to see an increase in revenues by eliminating tax breaks for oil companies. republicans have said they can't
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get anything behind anything that resembles a tax hike. for their part they'd like to see an overhaul of medicare. democrats have balked at that. there is an august 2nd deadline to this which is looming large. again, they want to get a deal done quickly. they are going to meet four times next week, chris, and try to hammer this out. >> another headache for the white house, this whole issue about libya and the president, the white house issues 30 plus pages justifying why they didn't need congressional authorization to go into libya. but now members of both parties want the president to seek congressional approval. any chance that's going to happen? >> reporter: right mow the white house is saying this is a done deal. this whole argument centers around the war powers resolution. which essentially says the president needs congressional approval for military actions lasting longer than 90 days. the white house is arguing they're not involved in a military action. they're saying they're taking a support role in the nato-led
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efforts in lib yachl people like speaker boehner are saying that doesn't hold weight. helicopters more information. he's calling for more information as of today. as you mentioned chris, devils are saying that they are getting behind the congressional approval argument including dick durbin. so there's definitely a back and forth here. some heated debate. we should say that the top democrat nancy pelosi is standing behind the president. some lawmakers have started to take action. representative dennis kucinich and other lawmakers have filed a lawsuit against the u.s. trying to end the vovlt in libya. other lawmakers say they might look into the possibility of defunding the mission. >> kristen welker at the white house. thanks so much. sunday on "meet the press", david gregory will talk with dick durbin and lindsay graham. check your local listings for times. mitt rom mee is skipping this weekend's republican conference in new orleans. instead he's keeping his focus
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on president obama. his campaign is out with his second video this week hammering the president for saying the economy has quote, hit some bumps on the road to recovery. >> i'm an american. >> i'm an american. >> i'm an american. >> i'm an american. >> i'm an american. >> not a bump in the road. >> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is an msnbc analyst and michael steele. let's start with mitt romney, shall we? he told a joke in front of some unemployed people in tampa. let me play that segment for you. >> i should also tell my story, i'mal unemployed.
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>> a lot better than what we have. >> but i have my sights on a particular job i'm looking for. >> the dnc chair deby wasserman schultz and others jumped all over him saying it's not funny if you don't have a job. i'm wondering governor rendell, if this is where democrats want to go? it seemed like the people in that room got a joke. >> yeah. i think we all have a tendency including the media and those of us in politics we all have a tendency to overemphasize things. i don't think that's going to do governor romney any harm. was it insensitive? i don't think he meant it to be insensitive. i think he meant it as a joke and it was taken as a joke. i think governor romney is trying to do the front runner strategy to stay above the fray of the republican primaries and try to make it in people's minds romney versus obama. it's a good attempt. i don't think it's going to work.
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i think he's going to have to lock horns with his republican opponents sooner or later. >> sometimes the media or people in the other party grab on to things. sometimes the candidates themselves and i think tim pawlenty is an example of this. he had what seemed like a great line in the debate, obamney care before the debate on the sunday talkers. in the debate he backed away from it. now he's tweeting. on seizing debate opportunity me zero, mitt one. on doing health care reform the right way as governor, me one, mitt zero. and then he took this shot, take a listen. >> i should have been much more clear during the debate. i don't think we can have a nominee that was involved in the development and construction of obama care and then continues to defend it. >> i think you can prosecute the political case against president obama if you are a co-conspirator and one of the
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main charges against the president. >> why won't he let this go? >> it's interesting. you're absolutely right. he had that moment. it was set up perfectly and you take that shot. you don't leave it hanging in the air. now to try to recover from that and try to get up that hill again is much tougher. it's less credible. people don't take it as seriously because you mean it now. you didn't mean it then. tim pawlenty's got a little work to do here. fortunately it's early. in the beginning of the summer. >> here's my question, it is early. and you know, most of america's worried about where they're going to go on summer vacation and all that stuff. the question to the people who count. the people who are the bundlers, the big contributors are they watching? >> yes, they are. it is problematic there. it does translit the folks who are going to write the big checks and bundle more checks for you are inspired and move to act on your behalf.
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if they see you blink, it causes them to pause. that's why you see right now donors across the spectrum of the party not gravitating towards anyone. a little bit of action here. as the government can tell you when you're playing at this level and the speed at the presidential level, you've got to come to your game quick. you've got to be prepared. those donors you've got them in your sights. if not, the next guy's going to get them from you. >> the donors are going to mitt romney right now. governor rendell, is that who the white house is most worried about right now? >> i think that we as a part are probably most worried about romney ticket with someone like a pawlenty or rubio on the ticket or huntsman. that would be a very strong ticket. it would be the alternative ticket. it's acceptable to most americans. they may not get excited about it. if they come to the conclusion that president obama can't continue to lead, that's an acceptable alternative. so that i think is the scariest scenario for us.
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let me say this, number one, it's far too early to say what the economy's going to be like in september of next year. that's when it comes. not september of this year. but september of next year. it's also far too early to rule tim pawlenty out like some of the wlogs have done. tim's an impressive guy. let's everyone remember in 2007 hillary clinton dominated 2007. every aspect. every poll. every donor. she dominated 2007. if you just looked at 2007, hillary clinton was the nominee. >> funny how events have a way of getting in the way of destiny. good to see both of you. thanks sop for coming on. hundreds of american guns ending up in the hands of mexican drug cartels. now lawmakers want to know how that happened. congressman elijah cummings will join us next. still ahead, is new york about to join the ranks of states allowing same sex
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we are back with "andrea mitchell reports." joining me, maryland congressman elijah cummings. the top democrat on the house oversight committee. i want to offer my condolences on the death of your nephew, christopher. a bright young student at old dominion university who was tragically shot and killed at a random shooting. how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good. i'm preparing a eulogy for a 20-year-old honor student. it's tough. you think about the potential of these young people and they do the right things and then to be gunned down is just very, very sad, but thank you very much.
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>> heartbreaking, really. i want to ask you, if i can about this hearing into an atf operation which is known as fast and furious. it called for atf agents to track weapons, but not stop them from being bought or trafficked. according to one agent who testified more than 2,000 weapons were tracked, but then about 3/4 of them actually disappeared. it raises the point what was the point of allowing guns to be trafficked into mexico where they couldn't be tracked anymore. what do you think of this whole operation? >> it gaves me great concern. as i listened to the testimony during the hearing, i'm convinced that we've got to look deeper into this matter, there are some missing links, you're absolutely right. it's not just that they're ending up on the mexican side to have border, atf officer told us during the hearing that a lot of
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these weapons are ending up north of the border and ending up in cities like baltimore and detroit and norfolk and new york. and are being used to bring harm to other people. some of the testimony that came out was clear and this is from atf officers. they were telling us that part of the problem has been that we have very weak gun laws. we've got to do a thorough examination of this. we're going to follow the evidence wherever it takes us. >> republicans like issa and grassly, accused the justice department and the atf of stone walling efforts to figure out what authorized this program. do you think the administration is stone walling? >> i'm not sure. what i did say during the hearing is it's very important. i said this to the administration that we get to the bomb of this. i asked them to cooperate to the nth degree. you've got to understand part of the problem is the administration and that is the justice department has said,
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look, we want you, the committee to work with us because we're very worried about jeopardizing criminal cases. we're worried about people being armed. worried about you talking to witnesses that we have to use in trials. i'm talking about serious trials. murder trials. there has to be a balance. in orders the committee has to do its work that is to look at this matter and try to figure out who is responsible for these decisions. at the same time, the justice department has indicted a lot of people and they are trying to take these matters to trial and they don't want us to interfere. i think we can do both. we can let the justice department do their job and the committee do its job. i'm hoping that we will strike that balance. that's what i've said to the justice department. that's what i've said to the committee. >> i was just handed this. i don't imagine you've had a chance to hear it. at the white house press briefing they asked about this fast and if furious program.
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and carney said, that he has asked the inspector general to investigate the mart. and make sure that everyone is cooperating with the oversight committee. what question in particular would ewe line to see answered in all of this? >> i want to know why it is that these guns were being tracked up to a certain point and then the tracking just stopped. we're still trying to figure out why that happened. we have some ideas. i want to know that. i want to know why the prosecutors in some of these cases, particularly in phoenix refused to take some of these cases to trial. there are a number of issues that we need to get to. i just wanted to be clear that we want a fair hearing. we want one that's filled with integrity. we also want one that is thorough. that's what we're looking for. i think that's what we're going to get. i think we can do this in a bipartisan way.
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because after all, the lives of many people on the mexican side of the border and our side of the border might be in jeopardy here. >> and let me ask you, finally, congressman, so much attention over the last several weeks in washington has been focused on congressman weiner. now that he has resigned, do you expect that toal of this or some questions will linger everybody after he's gone? >> i think it's over. i'm sure some people in the press may feel differently about that. but let me tell you, i've got people in my district that are losing their houses. we've got people who don't have jobs. we've got folks who are losing their health care trying to figure out how to be treated. and we've got the debt ceiling vote coming up fairly shortly. we've got -- we cannot afford any distractions for anthony who's -- he made a decision that he felt was appropriate for he and his family and for the congress. and keep in mind, i've been
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listening to your station all day and they've been wondering whether he's going to do something else from here. he's 46 years old. i'm sure there will be many things that he'll be able to do. but the fact is that we must go on. we've got 300 million people to represent. >> congressman elijah cummings, again at a very difficult time when you and your family are facing a tragedy. that's kind of you to take the time. again, our sympathies on the loss of your nephew. >> thank you very much. in baltimore today the u.s. conference of mayors is kick off. where the topic of job creation and immigration topped the agenda. on monday los angeles mayor will be innaugarated as the new president of the mayors' conference. and next week he will join andrea to talk about his new role. that's tuesday at 1:00 eastern on "andrea mitchell reports." women across saudi arabia are being urged to get behind the wheel today to protest the kingdom's male only driving rules. the campaign organized by the
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facebook group, women to drive, began after authorities arrested a woman last month when she uploaded a video of herself driving. in greece, the prime minister has replasd his finance minister as partd of the push to avert a disastrous default on debt payments. the threat has sparked riots in the fear and sparked fears the crisis could envelope u.s. and european markets. mplgts let's take a look at wall street right now. the dow is up. the s&p in positive territory. the nasdaq down just about nine. we'll be right back. [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born
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so here's the question being raised today, did anthony weiner leave the door open for a future return to politics? politico's white house reporter joins us now to help answer some of the remaining questions. glenn, good to see you. is glenn there? i saw it go to black. glenn, can you hear me?
1:25 pm
no. just like that. we lost him. we're going to check back. we'll get back to that issue, which i know you're dying to hear about. also up next, republican presidential hopefuls turn up the charm for southern voters. while newt gingrich tries to restore his standing as a serious 2012 contender. plus, jon huntsman getting tough on getting out of afghanistan. esquire's chris jones will join us with his exclusive profile on the not yet official candidate and his chief strategist. you're watching andrea mitchell mvp only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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contained. but authorities will have to battle high winds against this weekend. in new jersey thousands of worker unions stormed the state house to fight for their medical and pension plans. lawmakers passed a new bill yesterday that forces public employees to pay more for their pension, benefits and to push back retirement age. several fights broke out between people waiting to bet into the casey anthony trial. authorities say with only 50 seats open to the public, this is not the first time a brawl has taken police at the courthouse. for the first time ever a woman is taking charge in south carolina's paris island. brigadier general lo rhetta reynoldss will be in charge of recruiting for more than 23 states. the race for the republican nomination moves to the deep south with a dream line up for conservatives. all speaking today at the republican leadership conference. this after newt gingrich took the stage last night trying to
1:30 pm
revive his troubled campaign. >> this is one of the great magic moments in american history. the next 18 months because obama is going to fail both in practice and in radicalism. we're in the position where we can say, the reason is practice fails is because the radicalism is hopeless. >> reed wilson is editor in chief of national journal's hot line. he joins me from the conference in new orleans. tell me a little bit about the vibe there. is there one candidate that people seem particularly excited to hear from? >> it's interesting, chris, there are a lot of candidates who might want to be here and sort of the top tier of the republican field who have decided to take a pass on this. huntsman and romney and pawlenty aren't going to be here. a bunch of candidates are cycling through. i think the person i'm here to watch is texas governor rick perry. he's not in the race yet.
1:31 pm
he's giving a talk tomorrow. it will be interesting to see how people react to him. he hasn't gotten out on the campaign trail yet. once he does, we'll see if this presidential buzz that surrounds him has some legs to stand on. >> it's interesting to hear, too, to follow exactly what they're saying i'm sure the anti-obama theme will be there all weekend long. beyond that, are you sensing a common theme? >> i think that's what people are talking about right now. is how to defeat president obama. that's what basically everybody has started their stump speech on. that's the middle of their stump speech and the end of their stump speech. it's the theme that gets applause lines. it's what people want to talk about. they're talking about health care, taxes, they're talking about everything that republicans really want to hear about down here in the south. the republican leadership conference is something that's been going on for a lot of years. they're talking to a large and friendly audience here. >> obviously the deep south, huge stronghold for the
1:32 pm
republicans. but that doesn't mean that team obama is not making a plan to make a play 3. for example, they won north carolina last time around. what's the feeling there about the south? is there a game to be played there? >> i think it absolutely is. i think the presidential election is probably going to come down to southern states, virginia and north carolina two states that haven't voted democrat in a long tiechl went for president obama in 2008. they're going to be top targets coming up in 2012. the sbrsting thing will be to see how often and how much president obama and his team play in states like georgia or texas. they're going to be a lot harder to win. they're probably not going to win those states. the demographics are change enough the democrats will have a chance to win those states because of the rise of minority populations as well as younger voters. it's going to be interesting to see just how much the second tier states are going to play in. whereas the upper midwest which is much whiter and becoming more
1:33 pm
friendly to republicans might be going the other way. that's going to be -- i think that's going to be key. the south isn't as sort of lock step red as i think we all think. >> you mentioned the no shows. you mentioned romney and tim pawlenty who's been sort of going back and forth to pawlenty in going after mitt romney on the whole health care issue. what do you make of all that? >> it almost seems like he's been a little hot and cold. >> no. tim pawlenty takes a shot at mitt romney on fox news sunday last week. he backs off the shot on obamney care while she's stanning two podiums down from mitt romney on the debate on monday. then he tweets something about it and goes on fox news to talk about how important -- how bad the commonwealth care is. i think it's interesting to see. it looks like tim pawlenty might flip-flopping, something like that. the real point is though is when you back off a pitch like that,
1:34 pm
when you back off an attack that could possibly work, you end up looking weak. the knock on pawlenty is he's too nice. minnesota nice. he's not able to get in there and play the attack dog. we've seen that in play. the pawlenty team realized that. >> minnesota nice. i like that. reid wilson, good to see you. thanks so much. reid mentioned that jon huntsman was supposed to be in new orleans, but called out sick. here's his problem among some conservatives. the former utah governor who officially will jump into the race next week, worked for president obama just a couple of months ago. that's something the white house doesn't want voters to forget. chris jones is a writer for "esquire" magazine and has an in depth profile on jon huntsman. chris is on the phone from ontario. interesting article. let me start with this whole idea of him having worked for the obama administration.
1:35 pm
it's kind of amusing when you see president obama referring to huntsman as friend and buddy. he describes him as loyal. does the campaign see that as a serious obstacle in this race? >> it's their principle obstacle. they know that. they're couching it as obama must be scared to be playing that game. i think it's obvious that it's no accident that president obama is using those words like pal, like friend, like loyal to describe jon huntsman. it might be the first campaign ever that's done in by love in some weird way. >> the huntsman team has been banking on sort to have governor's realism and reason to appeal to middle of the road republicans. his top advisors john weaver said this, there's a simple reason our party is nowhere near being a national governing party. no one wants to be around a bunch of cranks. the frustrating thing is that obama's beatable. is that enough. don't candidate haves to appeal to the more die hard
1:36 pm
conservatives in these early primary states? >> i think the problem is that a candidate like huntsman always faces is the nomination process. i think john mccain and the last election cycle the theory was that the nomination process, the primaries were going to be a tougher battle. it turns out that was incorrect. i think what's going to be interesting and watch play out over the next few months is whether the republican party, that hard right segment of the republican party, whether they can vote with their heads as opposed to their hearts in some ways. jon huntsman probably doesn't line up with everything they would like to see in a republican candidate. >> maybe on afghanistan. >> on afghanistan, he's come out the strongest of any of the candidates asking for a withdraw from afghanistan. wouldn't have intervened in libya, too expensive. has talked about cuts to the military, which is a very atypical republican stance. but i think what -- what his
1:37 pm
appeal will be the sense that he is someone who i think does stand a chance of beating obama in the general election. i think republicans have to make that choice. do we want someone who like michelle bachmann or rick santorum who might line up with our ethos, more strongly, probably doesn't stand a chance in a general election. or do we go with someone like a jon huntsman. stands a better chance of beating president obama. >> it's interesting. there obviously is ideology. there's the question of money where romney has come out way ahead of other folks. huntsman has family money. he could probably run on family money. does he think that will do it? >> no. he's gone on the record saying he's not running a self-financed campaign. he doesn't think that's worked using meg whitman as an example. if someone's not willing to write you a check, they're not willing to vote for you either.
1:38 pm
he could easily run on family money and might use family money as a stopgap if donors don't come through right away. >> chris jones, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, chris. >> for more on the republican field, let's bring in yt new york" magazine's john heilman. >> hi, chris. how's it going? >> pretty well. let's talk about our new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll, this anthony weiner thing knocked out a lot of our coverage. half of the gop primary voters are satisfied with the current crop of candidates. if you compare that it's 30 points lower than it was at this time in 2007. why? >> well i think there's been a lot of speculation for a while around the late forming field. and whether a lot of heavy hitters were going to get in the
1:39 pm
race. you had the speculation around haley barbour getting into the race. speculation around mitch daniels. earlier in the year speculation about jeb bush. i think there were a lot of republicans who were hoping those guys would get in the race because they saw them as major players in the republican party and had a good chance to beat president obama next fall. the fact that they have not gotten in has left some sense of discontent. i think that's why people are looking at conceivably rick perry in addition to sarah palin who hasn't decided if they're going to get in. people look at this field, i think there's a question -- >> what about rudy giuliani? >> i don't hear a lot of republicans asking that question, to be honest. there's no question he's looking about getting in. there's not that much -- there never has been not back in 2008 and now a lot of grassroots enthusiasm around him. there are some people who think he would be a plausible candidate. everyone in the party is most focused on trying to find
1:40 pm
someone who can great president obama. we've seen that in the poll. that is their primary goal. there's some question among republicans if the existing field has anyone in it who can go toe to toe with the president. >> it's interesting, we're all sitting around today. i'm sure you saw the clip of chris christie. he was being asked a question about sending his kids to private school while, you know, there were questions about funding for public schools. he said i don't think it's any of your business. some people said that's the plain talk, the regular guy that so many people love. he say he's 100% not getting in. is he 100% not getting in? >> look, first of all, yes. on the first point, the brashness and the audacity and the kind of lack of concern for political calculation that you see in chris christie is certainly appealing to a lot of voters. there's when he's still a noncandidate. the question is how well that
1:41 pm
would work once he was actually in the race. on the second question, i believe chris christie. i'll tell you why, chris. he has not just said he's not getting in. he has said repeatedly that he's not qualified to be president. that is the kind of thing if you say it, it comes back to change your mind. if he were now to decide to get in the race, every one of his rivals would run an ad saying chris christie said he wasn't qualified to be president. what's change maryland the last three months. it would be red meat for ad makers. it's more conclusive. if you say you're not qualified to 3 president, you've taken yourself out of the race for this cycle. >> john heilman, good to talk to you. thanks so much. up next, the state of new york just one vote shy of legalizing gay marriage. will it happen? you're watching "andrea mitchell you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. today on "news nation." at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. governor chrissiesty under fire for his answer to a question from a constituent. >> it's none of your business. >> governor christie was saying it was none of our business because the person asked about his children attending private school as opposed to the state's public school. was his reaction over the top? we'll play more of what he had to say to that and talk about it. plus, said rain is the only country that actually bans women from driving. and now women are risking their own freedom. they can be arrested by protesting the law by driving on the streets and why some are mow saying the obama administration needs to step in on this issue involving a key american ally. the u.n. human rights council doptd its first ever resolution concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons today. the resolution seeks to expand
1:46 pm
efforts to protect the community. in some parts of the globe it's not uncommon to be tortured, raped, jailed, even killed for being gay. meantime here at home, new york's governor andrew cuomo is lobbying state senators to call a vote and pass a bill allowing same sex marriages in the empire state. if success jchl, new york would be the sixth state to officially legalize gay marriage. we have been following this story. i think it would be the largest state. how's it looking? >> right now, it's a very delicate balance. the vote is one away from passing. they have enough support. they're missing one to pass this bill. there are two republican senators that indicated they would join 29 democrats to support it. in the last few days a number of gop senators have been meeting with the governor because they want to issue protections for rerchs organization. they want to make sure if there
1:47 pm
are churches or organizations that refuse to hold marriages that they're not going to face legal challenges. religious leaders in new york have been very outspoke against this measure with new york's archbishop calling this an ominous threat to society. we don't know if and when a vote will take place before the end of the legislative session. >> that's the key. i worked in albany for 20 years. there's always a big mad rush at the end to get all these bills in, but the clock is ticking toward monday. >> we were expecting a bill today. as the day goes on, it becomes unlikely the vote will take place today. the senate could work through the weekend. if they do not, the governor has the option to call them into a special session. if that doesn't matter, it has to be reintroduced in the next session. >> i can just imagine how much mad lobbying will be going on this weekend. >> what's happening right now. there are reports that leaders are meeting with the governor as we speak. there's a lot of action taking
1:48 pm
place right now. this would be a big victory for advocates of gay marriage. it would be the sixth and largers state to implement it in the country. new york and california have the largest populations of gays and lesbians in the country. this is considered a cultural capital of the country. it's considered, it would be a big cultural victory forred a vo case and personally a victory for governor cuomo who has made this a big cause of his. >> good to see you. thanks so much. on monday, our education nation series continues when school chancellor joins us. up next, chris will be here to reveal who had the worst week in washington. can you imagine who? this is "andrea mitchell reports." reports." only on msnbc.? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse.
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so, who had the worst week in washington? msnbc contributor and managing
1:52 pm
editor of post, chris cillizza joins us. i'm on pins and needles. >> well, chris, you hinted before the break and let me break it. we have a three-peat, three weeks in a row, and in is the first time it has ever happened. >> ever? >> you are witnessing history and we are all witnesses. anthony weiner wins it in ignomeanious distinction. he gave a press conference that was an odd decision to resign from congress. he was cat called, and anyone who watched the coverage on msnbc saw what happened with the media circus and a disastrous 19 days for anthony weiner. at the end of it, chris, i don't know about you, but i felt relieved and kind of sad all at once. it just kind of a really sad
1:53 pm
fall. i felt badly for his wife, for their child, and huma abedin being pregnant, and a sordid tale for people cynical about politics makes it worse. >> and the staff. it is unfortunate. but it may be over for a little while until he decides to get back in, so what are the headlines for the next 24 hours? >> well, this is an exciting weekend and we have father's day sunday, but tomorrow, saturday, barack obama, aka, the president of the united states and house speaker john boehner are getting together to play golf. 18 holes. john boehner is the much better golfer of the two, and he was the single digit handicap before he became speaker, and that has risen a little bit, because he has less time on the links, but barack obama goes golfing and talking about it being cathartic, but he is not nearly the golfer in terms of handicap
1:54 pm
and ability as john boehner. we will see. nothing huge will come of this, and the idea to see a kind of deal on the debt ceiling vote, it is not going to happen. this is a nice photo-op probably with the two men who are going to say, we won't talk about what we discussed, but arn interen ig thing and good for congressional comity, and not comedy. a good thing for the leader of the house and the president of the united states to get together to spend a couple of hours and maybe as many as six depending upon how badly they play. >> and good thing to watch for the u.s. open with tiger not there. >> and yes, with the blow out of roy mcilroy. i would tune in to watch it. >> we are such losers, we would tune in to see it. and father's day, where is father obama going to be? >> i assume he will spend it close to home. obviously, he has two young daughters and he has written
1:55 pm
extensively since appearing in public life, chris. and he's also, remember, this is someone who did not know his father all that well, and he has done a lot to put forward fatherhood initiatives and urging men to be better fathers since he has come to the white house, and important day on a practical day as president obama the father and symbolic as president obama the president. >> happy father's day to all, and chris is a ls cillizza, you >> yes, thank you. and among an dree a mitchell's guests on monday will be senator dianne finestein and dennis walcott and matt bai. hello, tamron. >> well, an explosive day on the stand and outside of the courtroom. people were literally fighting to get inside to hear the testimony.
1:56 pm
we will have an update on what they heard in court today. unbelievable. and government officials released this picture of a 22-year-old man with a military background who was detained outside of the pentagon this morning, and police say he was carrying explosive materials and more on the developing story with "newsnation" coming next. tk harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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i'm tamron hall and the "newsnation" is following a difficult day of testimony in the casey anthony murder trial. we are looking at live pictures inside of the courtroom in orlando, florida, where the defense is now in the second day of presenting its case. now, there have been gruesome testimony from a bug expert who testified about insects found in the trunk of casey anthony's car and at the scene where little caylee's body was found. there was almost a surreal drama outside of the courtroom with a fight breaking out this morning among the spectators waiting in line for one of the 50 seats assigned to the public. the fight was apparently over who was in line first.


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